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UCO Motive Max Wash 140 - 200Ltr (Touchless Snow Foam)

UCO Motive Max Wash 140 - 200Ltr (Touchless Snow Foam)

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Ultra concentrated alkaline exterior vehicle cleaner.

The blend of high-quality ingredients in UCO Motive Max Wash 140 allows for an efficient and thorough cleaning process.

This powerful formula effectively removes both dynamic and static road film, including dirt, insects, bird droppings, and grease, without difficulty.

Thanks to its efficient tensio actives, UCO140 requires only a short reaction time, making it the perfect choice for touchless washing & heavily soiled vehicles.

Its unique foaming action provides excellent coverage and superior dirt penetration, while specialized corrosion inhibitors ensure the safety of UCO140 at recommended dilutions.

UCO140 has been independently assessed and received a VDA Class A rating at 2.5%, making it suitable for both automatic and manual cleaning of surfaces and vehicles in the food industry.


Apply UCO140 using a spray, high pressure or foaming device.

Allow dilution to soak in, never allow to dry. Clean thoroughly with a high-pressure cleaner.


Vehicle cleaning 0,5-2% or 1/200 – 1/50

Via a foam gun: 1/5 – 1/20

Insect removal: 3%

Rim cleaning and strong degreasing: 10-15%

Copolymer removal: 10%

Do not let the product dry on surfaces. Rinse abundantly with water.

Storage and disposal

Store only in the original container in a cool, well-ventilated place. Keep the container closed when not in use. Dispose of safely in accordance with local/national regulations.

Safety instructions for the user

Keep out of reach of children.

Minimize the risk of eye contact.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Consult a doctor if pain, blinking or redness persists.

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