Professional Car Wash Chemicals

Kenotek are market leaders in car wash chemicals throughout many European countries.

All Kenotek products listed below are highly concentrated chemicals.

We sell the chemical, You add the water.

Transform your carwash with KENOTEK!!  VDA Approved Car Wash Solutions.

Kenotek Cargo 4100 Forté - Prewash

Kenotek Cargo 4100 Forté is a highly concentrated unique touchless cleaning product.

Market leading prewash liquid, Car washes throughout Ireland are saving time and cost by making the switch to Cargo 4100 as their preferred prewash.

Reasons to make the switch:

  • VDA Approved - Industry standard for Autocare chemicals.
  • Reduce time in the wash bay.
  • Cost effective - 1 x 23Kg of Kenotek Cargo 4100 will make 1000Ltrs of ready to use prewash liquid.
Buy Kenotek Cargo 4100 Forte 23Kg

Mixing 20Ltrs Of Prewash:

Mix 400ml of Kenotek Cargo 4100 into 20Ltrs of water.

Mixing 1000Ltrs Of Prewash:

Mix 20Ltrs of Kenotek Cargo 4100 into 1000Ltrs of water.

Kenotek Car Foam Extra

Car Foam Extra is a highly concentrated PH Neutral high foaming Shampoo with a sweet apple fragrance.

This is our Best Selling shampoo for car washes.

Highly concentrated, One 20Ltr drum mixed with 180Ltrs of water will make 200Ltrs of ready to use High foaming shampoo.

Car Foam extra can also be used as a bucket wash. 1-2 cap's will mix a 20Ltr bucket of high foaming sponge wash shampoo.

Kenotek Car Foam Extra has full VDA approval

Buy Kenotek Car Foam Extra 20Ltr

Mixing 20Ltr Drum:

Mix 2Ltrs of Car Foam Extra with 18Ltrs of water to make 20Ltrs high foam shampoo.

Then apply through a foam lance.

Mixing 200Ltrs Kenotek Car Foam Extra:

Mix 20Ltrs of Car Foam Extra into 180Ltrs of water to make a 200Ltr Barrel of High Foam Shampoo.

Then apply through a foam lance.

Kenotek Crystal Shampoo

Crystal Shampoo is a foaming polish shampoo, contains high performance particles, that improve the gloss of the paintwork.

  • Nano-Technology that improves the beading effect of the waterfilm.
  • Accelerates and improves the drying result.
  • Pleasant bubblegum perfume.

We advise dilution of 1 part chemical with 7 parts water.

(2.5Ltrs Chemical mixes with 17.5Ltrs Water will make a 20Ltr of ready to use Shampoo)

Drying the Vehicle is advised when using this chemical for best results.

Buy Kenotek Crystal Shampoo 20Ltr

Crystal Shampoo DilutionTo Mix 20Ltrs of ready to use shampoo:

Mix 2.5Ltrs of Crystal Shampoo with 17.5Ltrs of water.

Then apply through a foam lance.

Kenotek Quick Wax

Quick wax is a high gloss spray on wax with water beading effect.

  • Economic gloss wax dryer
  • Can be used as hot or cold wax.
  • Foaming
  • Free from mineral oils and silicone
  • Pleasant pine perfume

Quick wax is applied at 2% dilution.

(One 25Ltr of Quick Wax will make 1250Ltrs of Spray wax.)

Buy Kenotek Quick Wax 25Ltr

Mix 20Ltrs of Spray on Wax:

  • Mix 400ml of Quick wax into 20Ltrs of water.
  • Spray onto the vehicle and rinse with water.
  • Dry the vehicle for best results.

Kenotek Ceramic Wax

Ceramic Wax is a Highly concentrated with a Super Hydrophobic effect.

  • High Concentrated protective gloss wax - Ceramic Infused.
  • Firstly the Ceramic infused particles fill the pores creating superior hydrophobicity due to an improved contact angle of the water bead.
  • Secondly a protective film is created which ensures longer protection aginst dirt, salt and UV rays.

Ceramic Wax is applied at 1% dlution.

(One 20Ltr of Ceramic Wax will make 2000Ltrs of spray wax)

Buy Kenotek Ceramic Intensive Wax 20Ltr

Mix 20ltrs of Ceramic Spray on Wax:

  • Mix 200ml of Ceramic wax into 20Ltrs of water.
  • Spray onto the vehicle and rinse with water.
  • Dry the vehicle for best results.