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KENOTEK Crystal Shampoo 20Ltr (High Foam Shampoo with Wax)

KENOTEK Crystal Shampoo 20Ltr (High Foam Shampoo with Wax)

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Foaming Polish Shampoo with Nano-Technology

  • Improves the beading effect of the waterfilm.
  • Accelerates and improves the drying result.
  • Contains a pleasant bubblegum perfume.
  • Leaves a glossy shine and has a conditioning action on the bodywork

Crystal Shampoo is a strong concentrated foaming polish shampoo with polishing action that contains high performance nano-particles, that improve the gloss of the paintwork

Applying through a foam lance:

  • Mix 7 Parts Water with 1 Part Chemical (1 x 20Ltr Drum will make 160Ltrs of ready to use shampoo)
  • Apply through a foam lance of foam bottle
  • Rub the surface of vehicle with Sponge, Microfibre Mitt or Brush
  • Rinse Vehicle

Applying with a brush or sponge:

  • Mix at 1% into bucket.
  • Apply with microfibre mitt, sponge or brush
  • Rinse vehicle
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