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UCO 540 Max Hydro Wax 5Ltr

UCO 540 Max Hydro Wax 5Ltr

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Ceramic protective gloss wax

UCO540 is an innovative high value wax. Due to its unique composition, it provides a protective film over the entire vehicle. Making sure the vehicle is protected against various weather conditions and providing an optimal shine.

Even with low dosage a superhydrophobic effect will be created, making the vehicle visually protected and more easy-to-clean afterwards.

High quality components are bounded on the surface, offering a durable shine and protection.

UCO540 MAX Hydro Wax is highly degradable and suitable for all types of washing centers and can be used as a foam wax as well. It is suitable for hard and soft water. Cold water is adviced as heated water is not needed.

An enjoyable fruity fragrance is added to optimize the overall customer experience.


  • UCO540 MAX Hydro Wax is suitable for all types of washing centers.
  • Automatic carwashes: 5 to 12 ml/car is recommended.
  • Foam gun: 1/20 – 1/50
  • Manual sprayer: 0,2 – 0,5%
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