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UCO 230 Puro Brite - 20Ltr (Dura-Bright or Alcoa)

UCO 230 Puro Brite - 20Ltr (Dura-Bright or Alcoa)

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Looking to restore the shine of your polished aluminium? UCO 230 Puro Brite is the perfect solution for maintaining a mirror-like finish on your dura-brights, polished tanks, or any other aluminium surfaces on your truck or bus.

This acid cleaning product effectively removes light mineral deposits and is gentle enough for delicate alloys.

With a pleasant fragrance and easy-to-use instructions, simply mix between 5-10% for regular cleaning and 10-20% for renovation.

Apply using an Acid sprayer, let it sit, and then rinse thoroughly with high pressure.

Preserve the shine of your aluminium with UCO 230 Puro Brite.

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