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Suttner ST73.2 Foam Lance Bundle (No Foam Pad)

Suttner ST73.2 Foam Lance Bundle (No Foam Pad)

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Suttner ST73.2 Foam Lance Bundle

The Suttner ST73.2 is one of the most robust and reliable foam bottles on the market due to the internal foam injector being made from stainless steel. The .2 Model of this foam bottle is unique due to there being no foam pad in the injector. This is a great advantage when you have an issue with poor water quality because other models of foam bottles have a foam pad that will block if water quality is poor.

The ST73.2 is available with three different size injectors depending on the litres per minute and Bar pressure of your pressure washer. Before purchasing this bundle, please contact us via phone or mail with the litres per minute and bar pressure of your washer and we can advise you which size injector is best suited to your machine. 

We have also a size guide below to help you choose the correct nozzle for your machine.

  • 1.25mm Nozzle - Small Petrol & Electric Washers
  • 1.5mm Nozzle - Medium Petrol & Large Single Phase Electric Washers 
  • 1.8mm Nozzle - Large Petrol & Three Phase Electric Washers 

Bundle includes:

  • HP280 Trigger with Kew Quick release coupling
  • 1200mm Lance, Nozzle & Spigot
  • ST73.2 Foam Bottle & Spigot
  • Spigot & Nozzle Protector.
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