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KENOTEK Power Degreaser 10Ltr

KENOTEK Power Degreaser 10Ltr

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High-quality cleaner and degreaser
  • emulsifying, industrial cleaner and degreaser 
  • based on petroleum distillates and surfactants
  • specifically developed for the removal of oils and fats

Kenotek Power Degreaser is a very high-quality, emulsifying, industrial cleaner and degreaser, based on petroleum distillates and surfactants that has been specifically developed for the effective removal of (dried-in) oils and fats such as tar and asphalt.

The product is extremely suitable for degreasing engines, cranes, machines, chassis and forklifts.

Kenotek Power Degreaser must be used un-diluted.

Apply the product on the surface to be cleaned with a brush, spraying equipment or by immersion.

Allow it to act on the contamination for a while and rinse it under high pressure.

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