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KENOTEK Keno 4000 5Ltr

KENOTEK Keno 4000 5Ltr

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Contactless Snow Foam With Nano-Particles for Extra Paint Protection.

Specially Designed for The Car Industry. 

    • Double Concentrated Contactless Snow Foam
    • Reduces Brushing and Sponging
    • High Foaming
    • VDA Approved (Global warranty standard)
    • Fresh Lime Perfume
    • High quantity of corrosion inhibitors
    • Nano-particles for extra protection.
    • More than 17 ingredients to improve paint protection.

    Using as Contactless Snow Foam:

    Dilute 3 Parts water with 1 Part Chemical. The apply through a foam lance. Leave to work for 2-3 minutes, then power wash off. Washing from the bottom to top. The Rince off.

    Mixing Ratio: 3 parts water, 1 Part Chemical.

    Mixing 20ltr Drum = 5Ltr Chemical with 15Ltr Water

    Mixing 200Ltr Barrell = 50Ltr Chemical with 150Ltr Water

    Mixing 1000Ltr IBC = 250Ltr Chemical with 750Ltr Water

    (1 x 20Ltr Drum will make 80Ltrs of Ready to use Detergent)

    Using as a pre-wash:

    Dilute at 2% and apply through a low pressure sprayer. Leave to work for 2 – 3 minutes, then power wash off. Washing from the bottom to the top. Then rinse off.

    Mixing ratio: 2% Chemical to 98% Water.

    20Ltr Mixed = 400ml Chemical with 20Ltr Water

    200Ltr Mixed = 4Ltr Chemical with 200Ltr Water

    1000Ltr Mixed = 20Ltr Chemical with 1000Ltr Water

    (1 x 20Ltr Drum will make 1000Ltrs of Prewash.)

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