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KENOTEK EAT 800 Ceramic Seal 250ml

KENOTEK EAT 800 Ceramic Seal 250ml

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The perfect sealer & gloss booster for extremely durable paint protection.

The ceramic and polymer emulsion seals and protects the paint surface for months.

Can be used on all cured paints.

Does not leave any residue on plastic.


For processing we recommend using the Kenotek black polishing pad for machine application or the orange microfiber pad for manual use.

Apply generously EAT 800 to the polishing pad or directly on the paint surface.

Spread at low speed, approximately 1000 rpm, over the paint surface plus moderate pressure.

After the application, allow the product to adhere for at least 30 to 60 minutes and then buff with a microfiber cloth.

Available in 250 ml  

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