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KENOTEK EAT 300 Ultra Fine Cutting Ceramic Polish

KENOTEK EAT 300 Ultra Fine Cutting Ceramic Polish

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Kenotek EAT 300 is perfect to effectively remove holograms and swirls.

A unique abrasive grain of our Engineered Abrasive Technology guarantees a 100% hologram-free paint surface.

The ceramic particles in the product also provide an superior gloss boost!

Does not contain silicones nor solvents.

Can be used on all (including scratch-resistant) fresh and cured paints. 


We recommend the yellow polishing pad or white microfiber pad for processing.

Apply sufficient EAT 300 to the polishing pad or paint surface.

Distribute at low speed, approximately 1200 rpm, on the paint surface and start polishing at approximately 1800 rpm plus moderate pressure to a high gloss.

Remove the remaining residue with a clean microfiber cloth.

Available in 250 ml and 750 ml.

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