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KENOTEK EAT 150 Fast One-Step Cutting & Polish

KENOTEK EAT 150 Fast One-Step Cutting & Polish

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Unique One-step polishing / high-gloss polish to remove fine scratches and sanding stains from grit P 1500 or finer in one step. Hologram free!

The unique sanding grain from the Kenotek Engineered Abrasive Technology in the fine abrasive paste continuously grinds so fine during processing that, despite the high grinding performance, a perfect end result is achieved in just one polishing step.

Silicone and solvent-free.

EAT 150 is suitable for all commercially available paint systems, including scratch-resistant paints.


For processing we recommend using the wool pad, orange polishing pad, hybrid pad, gray microfiber pad or the white microfiber pad.

Apply a sufficient amount of EAT 150 to the polishing pad or paint surface.

Distribute at low speed, approx. 1200 rpm, onto the paint surface.

Then start polishing at approx. 1800 rpm with moderate pressure until you get the desired result.

Available in 250 ml and 750 ml bottles.

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