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KENOTEK EAT 100 Ultra Cutting Max

KENOTEK EAT 100 Ultra Cutting Max

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Ultra-fast compound to remove extremely weathered or damaged paint and sanding stains of grit P 1000 paper.

Due to the unique abrasive grain of the Kenotek Engineered Abrasive Technology, this polishing process ensures a fast and optimal result.

Can be used on all (including scratch-resistant) fresh and cured paint.

Does not contain any silicones or solvents.


We recommend using the Kenotek grey microfiber pad, wool pad or green foam pad for processing.

Apply a sufficient amount of EAT 100 to the polishing pad or paint surface.

Distribute at low speed, approx. 1200 rpm onto the paint surface.

Then polish at approx. 1800 rpm and apply moderate pressure until you get the desired result.

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