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Work Stuff GENTLEMAN Basic Microfiber Yellow

Work Stuff GENTLEMAN Basic Microfiber Yellow

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GENTLEMAN Basic Microfiber Cloth for Efficient Cleaning

Introducing GENTLEMAN Basic microfiber towels, perfect for efficient and effective car and motorcycle detailing.

Ideal for a range of tasks, from waxing and applying coatings to using Quick Detailers, both inside and outside of your vehicle.

GENTLEMAN Basic boasts a size of 40/40cm and a density of 350g/m2, ensuring a dense and delicate microfiber cleaning experience. With its laser-cut WORK STUFF logo and a flat material on one side and a fluffy material on the other, these microfiber towels guarantee a thorough cleaning experience.


  • Size – 40 / 40cm
  • Density – 350g / m2
  • Laser cut edges
  • Dense and delicate microfiber
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