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Maxflow 1Ltr Foam Bottle

Maxflow 1Ltr Foam Bottle

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The LS Style Foam Bottle can be used with hobby or semi-professional pressure washers.

The design of the bottle ensures easy handling for the user and an adjustable nob allows regulation of the amount of chemical being used during washing.

This foam lance will attach to your pressure washer and will mix a prewash cleaning product with the flow of water to create nice thick foam.

This lance is built to last, the injector head is made from solid brass and the bottle is made from chemically resistant material.

The spray fan on this lance can be adjusted by turning the adjustable collar. Some maintenance will be needed from time to time to achieve the best possible performance.

Usually a drop in performance is due to the internal foam pad becoming blocked with dry soap, we recommend running clean water through your LS3 foam lance after every use.

However if you need to change the foam pad please contact us and we can explain how to change the foam pad in this foam lance.

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