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KENOTEK Brilliant Wash Mega Bucket

KENOTEK Brilliant Wash Mega Bucket

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KENOTEK Brilliant Wash Mega Bucket is the perfect solution for maintaining a showroom-level finish on your car. This low-foaming, car wash solution requires just 2-3 capfuls per bucket of water to create a perfect cleaning solution. It also includes a wax additive that provides additional protection to the paint job and encourages water beading off the car after rinsing.

This bundle also includes the popular Kenotek Wheel Cleaner Ultra to maintain your wheels, Tyre & Plastic Gloss to preserve your tyres' sheen, and Vinyl & Leather Conditioner and Glass Cleaner to keep your interior in top condition.

All the necessary accessories are included too: microfiber cloths, a microfiber mitt, a detailing bucket, and a grit guard.


Bundle Includes:

  • Kenotek Bucket & Grit Guard
  • Brilliant Wash 1Ltr
  • Wheel Cleaner Ultra 1Ltr
  • Tyre & Plastic Gloss 1Ltr
  • Glass Cleaner 1Ltr
  • Vinyl & Leather Conditioner 1Ltr
  • 5 x Microfiber Cloths
  • Microfiber Wash Mitt


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