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KENOTEK Brilliant Wash 20Ltr (Low Foam Shampoo with Wax)

KENOTEK Brilliant Wash 20Ltr (Low Foam Shampoo with Wax)

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High Quality PH Neutral Shampoo with Gloss Effect

  • High quality gloss shampoo
  • Water repellent, with wax effect
  • Soft for the hands
  • Low foaming
  • Grapefruit perfume

Kenotek Brilliant Wash is a PH Neutral shampoo with a high quality gloss effect.

This product leaves a heavy, water repellent, wax coat on the vehicle after every use. Can be applied as a bucket wash or through a foam lance.

Applying Through Foam Lance:

  • Mix 4 Parts water with 1 part chemical.
  • Apply through foam lance or foam bottle.
  • Rub the surface with Sponge, Mitt or Brush
  • Rinse vehicle.

Applying with brush or sponge:

  • Mix at 2% into bucket
  • Apply with Microfiber Mitt, Sponge or Brush.
  • Rinse vehicle
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